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James Burr

His name is on the Rye Harbour Memorial of WW1 but I cannot find any CWGC casualty of that name with any proven link to Rye area.
Does anyone have information to help me track him down?
Thanks in advance.

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    James William Burr died at sea on TB-10 (Greenfly) 1915?

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    Thanks very much! Now I have to find the link between Ponders End and Rye, but it’s a great step forward, much appreciated!

    Thursday 10 June. North Sea
    Two torpedo boats, ex Insect-class coastal destroyers, 400t, 1907, 26 kts, 2 x 12pdr/ 3-18in tt, 35 crew, serving with Nore Local Defence Flotilla. Sailed from Harwich at midnight on the 9th, on patrol off Thames estuary, searching for reported submarines with three other TB’s and five destroyers; both mined, laid by UC.11 (Walter Gottfried Schmidt) two days earlier (H/J/tn – torpedoed):

    TB.12, ex-Moth, Lt Edward Bulteel, near the Sunk LV at 1530 when there was a large explosion under her bows, believed torpedoed at the time. Stayed afloat as other TB’s came to her rescue, crew abandoned her when TB.10 came alongside, taken in tow, but now TB.10 suffered an explosion and sank. Trawler took over the tow of TB.12, assisted by destroyer Cynthia, progressed slowly while the TB gradually settled, sinking at 1055 (presumably on the 11th) in 51.44.40N 01.26E. Lt Bulteel and 22 ratings lost.

    TB.10, ex-Greenfly, Lt-Cdr John McLeod RN. Alongside TB.12, trying to take her in tow, then believed torpedoed herself at 1610 and broke in half, the two halves rising vertically before sinking off the Sunk LV (He/un – confirmed mined); 22 ratings lost, one more DOW

    ASMAN S 304832 HM TB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    BAILEY SM M/11615 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    BARLEY RC L/5448 HM TB NO10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    BETTS B 300553(CH) HMTB 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    BRADFORD WJAD 217346 HM TB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    DYER EA M/36 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    EDWARDS H 306350 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    GILES F K/6836 HM TB 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    HAZELWOOD AG 186125 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    HELMSLEY TH J/31626 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    LEEK W K/18526 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    MANSER B SS/110537 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    PETTETT EW 270650 HM TB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    PRUDENCE E 308788 HMTB 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    RICHARDS FW K/3581 HMTB NO10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    SMITH VJ M/2197 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    SOUTHON WC 182983 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    STONER EE J/583 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    TAKEN WJ SS/110774 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    TOPHAM A 306065 HM TB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    TURNER CH 308654 HM TB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY
    WEBBER EWL J/6671 HMTB NO 10 10/06/1915 ROYAL NAVY

    BURR, JAMES WILLIAM. Rank: Wireless Operator. Service No: 193641(Ch.). Date of Death: 22/07/1915. Age: 33.
    Regiment/Service: Royal Navy. H.M. Torpedo Boat “10”
    Grave Reference: C. C. 474. Cemetery: ENFIELD (HERTFORD ROAD) CEMETERY
    Additional Information: Son of Josiah and Caroline Burr, of 169, South St., Ponders End.

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    James William Burr was my grandfather I was named after him.

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    My great Uncle, Will Bryant, was on TB-12. The link below is a scan of an article in the local Hendon paper about his visit home right after the sinking and may be of interest to you. You should be able to download it and expand it for easier reading. http://donnamarcus.smugmug.com/photos/i-N4VsvQg/0/L/i-N4VsvQg-L.jpg

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    Thank you very much for this article.

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